February 16, 2012

Music Industry Artist Website Design Deal

Attention Music Artist


How would you like to have your own Professionally Designed


Music Industry Standard Website?

Call, email or, fill out the form below for a quote.

YES! We will design a very attractive and eye catching artist website that will get you the attention needed in the ever changing music industry.




Are you a Musician or a Designer?


We are Designers so let us Design your Professional Artist Website for you.


Why go through the hassle of choosing a website template………
Then figuring out how to set it up……………..
Then you have to figure out how to make it look good……………………..
Then you have to make it social media connected…………………
and, the list goes on and on…………………


There is a much easier way for a Music Artist to get a website designed.

You can cut out all of those steps and let a Professional Design Team create a Music Artist website that you will be proud of.


Benefits and Features:

Your Own Domain Name

Custom Designed Website to fit your Image up to 10 pages

Content added to website

Social Media Connected

Facebook Connected

Twitter Connected

Youtube Video Gallery up to 10 videos

Photo Gallery up to 25 photos

Intergrate your Music Store

Live Blog

Tour Update widgets (artist account needed)

You will be able to update your own website very easily!

SEO Ready

Contact Form

This website will be Very Easy for you to Update.


You will have an online presence that will be able to compete in today’s always changing digital landscape. Your website will have a user dashboard that I will show you how easy it is to use and how to make updates to your website using wordpress (Click here to find out “What is WordPress). This will be a search engine friendly and social media connected site that will be your base platform to control your online fan building process. There is no limit of what you will be able to do with your own website.

Website Examples:





It will take us up to 10 business days to finish your music website.


The fee for your one year registration of your domain name is included in the price for your website. Click here to find out “What is a domain name”.

The only additional service you will need in order to store your website is web hosting and we highly recommend hostgator.com . Hostgator is one of the top hosting companies in the world plus they provide a very good quality service at an extremely affordable price. To put it simply hostgator provides the hosting for your website which is similar to the land that a house sits on. Once you have a website built then you have to have a designated computer space to store your website files. This is where hostgator comes into the plan, they host your website (Click here to find out “What is Web Hosting). Plus by putting in the coupon code “lookatmedigital” without the quotes, you will only have to pay 1 penny for your first bill. You can look around at all the other hosting companies out there and you will really see how far at the top hostgator is. Click here to get hostgator signup instructions.

you sign up for your hostgator account and receive your signup email, then send that email to lookatmedigital@gmail.com

Remember you are getting a Professional Website Design Artist to create your Music Website.

This is a Music Industry Standard Website


Look at me Digital is a Full Service Website Design and Development and Internet Marketing company. Our company is very dedicated to our work and we always make sure that you will get a high quality service. We will bring more exposure to your internet and social media presence and better connect your campaign. In total the company has over 10 years in internet design and marketing.

If you are Not a Music Artist it dosen’t matter. We can still design the professional website that you need.


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